Tax3 x 5witchOTR

Tax3 x 5witchOTR

Everybody’s story starts off different but it’s what you make of it that counts. A week before starting his second year at uni, 5witchOTR was withdrawn from his course meaning he could no longer attend his studies.

This then triggered a domino effect as Switch found his contract was terminated at Sainsbury's and shortly after he lost his phone at wireless festival. With all of his lyrics and songs gone, Switch had every reason to give up but he didn’t.

10 days later he came across the instrumental for ‘Coming for you’ and immediately found himself in the studio, completing the song in 30 minutes. Switch is now a TikTok sensation and is generating a lot of noise from the music industry.

With over 10 million views on his song Coming For You with A1 and J1 and over 1.8 million views on the remix, featuring Loski, OFB Bandokay and OFB Izzpot. This rising star is defiantly one to keep an eye on.

Switch could have fallen at the first hurdle but he chose to rise, he chose to get back up and carry on. This is exactly what Tax3 represents, never giving up, chasing your dreams and making it a reality.

Our collaboration with 5witchOTR features many of our designs styled differently to show one’s personality. Dripped out in our TT 2.0 tracksuit, Tax3 classic white socks and our latest arrival the Utility puffer jacket. Finished with branded clips on the front and our reflective ‘X’ on the rear. This piece is perfect for all occasions and is a brand must have. Switch can also be seen in our Grey Drip Tracksuit.

Videographer - Max Exposure

To view TAX3 x Switch OTR’s full ad, click on the link below.

Written By - Kea Spokes 

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