Tax3 - A Hustlers Uniform

Tax3 - A Hustlers Uniform

What is it? Is it the fire in your stomach that keeps you going? The driving force that wakes you up each day? the reason you keep trying and trying. The goals we set ourselves each morning are the reason we go so hard.

Established in East London, Tax3 - A hustlers uniform is more then a project, it’s a movement. A movement that celebrates the early entrepreneur, wether that’s re-sellers, traders, hair stylists or even crypto kids.

The new rules are there are no rules, hustlers doesn’t mean what it used to. They now have the freedom to create and excel in any field, leaving the doorway for the next generation wide open.

Tax3 as a movement has always embraced the hustler, the outsider, the underdog getting ahead and beating the odds of just being another statistic. Tax3 prides itself in being the first brand to provide a Hustlers Uniform.

Staring JNR CHOI, fast rising musician and model who has worked with the likes of Dior, Palm Angels and Moncler to name a few. CHOI Is also behind the popular TikTok song ‘To The Moon’ remix haven gotten over 60 million streams on Spotify.

Tax3’s collab with Choi is more than just the ad we created. It’s the meaning of the movement, growing up in a land of a thousand blocks it’s easy to lose your way an become blind. Finding your hustle can mean literally anything and young creatives like Choi are the perfect example of a hustlers ambition coming to life.

The ad features some of Tax3's newest arrivals such as the Utility Puffer Jacket that’s been designed and executed to the highest standard. This isn’t just any casual jacket, Suitable for all sexes, this creation has been finished to compliment other TAX3 pieces.

When it came to us finding a voice for our ad we chose to stay close to home and use East London rapper Mo Money to narrate ‘A Hustlers Uniform’.

Also staring actor/ host Nathan Hector, Deefundo, YB, Arnold Jorge, Jboy, James Vancooten, Jimmy Papez, musicians, actors, models and influences all coming together for what Tax3 represents. A worldwide movement that hasn’t been embraced.

 Written By - Kea Spokes


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